DJI T50 Spray Drone

The DJI Agras T50

The Agras T50 aircraft has an anti-torsion structure, offering reliable operations. The integrated spraying system with a 10.5 gallon payload can be equipped with the optional orchard spray package or swapped with a spreading system with a spreading payload of up to 110 pounds.



4.22 gal/min

Max Flow Rate (2 Sprinkler Nozzles)

6.34 gal/min

Max Flow Rate (4 Sprinkler Nozzles)

110 pounds

Spreader Tank Capacity

10.5 gallons

Spray Tank Capacity

32 Feet

Swath Width

227 pounds

Max Takeoff Weight

DJI Agras T50 Spray Drone
DJI T50 Spray Drone Features
DJI T50 Spray Drone Features
DJI Agras T50 Spray Drone

Agricultural Spray Drone

Group 46

The aircraft is equipped with the phased array radar system and binocular vision system, which provide multidirectional obstacle sensing, terrain follow, and bypass functions to ensure flight safety. Boasting an ultra HD FPV camera with a tiltable gimbal, the aircraft can automatically collect HD field images for local offline reconstruction to assist in precise field planning.

Using the DJI SmartFarm platform and the DJI MAVIC 3M, prescription maps can be generated in order to perform variable rate applications.

The coaxial twin rotor structure produces strong winds so that pesticides are able to penetrate thick canopies for thorough spraying. The spraying system is equipped with the magnetic drive impeller pumps, dual atomized sprinklers, and brand-new solenoid valve to improve spraying efficiency while saving liquid pesticide.

DJI T50 Spray Drone

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The Agras T40 aircraft

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DJI Agras T50